Thank you for visiting our web page on Hurricane Preparness in Florida and the importance of having Hurricane, Windstorm & Flood Insurance.  We have supplied you with several resources and links so that when a Storm Strikes you can know where to turn.

Florida is one of the worst States for Hurricanes.  Florida is a Peninsula and is surrounded by The Gulf of Mexico & the Atlantic Ocean, both bodies of water spawn major Hurricanes. 

Basic Tips to be prepared for a Hurricane in Florida.

  1. Consider Getting a Generator For Backup Power
  2. Protect Your Home Against Hurricane Winds
  3. Review Your Homeowners Insurance to be Ready
  4. Prepare Two Hurricane Kits Before The Storm
  5. Plan in Advance to Protect Your Pets Before The Storm Comes
  6. Evacuate the Right way
  7. Get a Backup Generator
  8. Get Plenty of Ice & Water
  9. Invest in a Grill Charcoal or Propane

You can NEVER be over prepared for a storm.  Listed Below are some Links to News Channels & Hurricane Weather Tracker.

NASA’S Hurricane Resources Page

Hurricane Safety Tips From The Florida Highway Patrol

Florida Division of Emergency Management

National Hurricane Center

Weather Channel Storm Center

Local Florida News Channels

Miami – Fort Lauderdale

Florida Keys

Palm Beach

Treasure Coast

Orlando – Daytona Beach – Melbourne





St. Petersburg – Tampa – Clearwater

Sarasota – Bradenton

Fort MyersNaplesCape Coral


Here are some more Hurricane Tips.

Help Your Kids Better Understand the Weather

What is a hurricane? How is it different from a tropical storm or a tropical depression? Why do hurricanes have names? What are the different strength levels of a hurricane? How long is "hurricane season"? These may be some questions your children may ask during this time, so it is a good idea to be prepared in more than one sense. As you batten down the hatches for the storm, be sure you and your children understand the changes in weather.

Click Here To Read More> http://bit.ly/16aRLT

Ways To Make Your Home More Hurricane Proof

If you want to safeguard your home from the devastating winds and rain of a hurricane, there are steps you can take now, long before a storm is on the horizon.
Some of these preparations you can do yourself. Others require the expertise of an experienced contractor. For the name of a reputable contractor in your area, contact the Local Home Builders Association in your area or call the National Association of Home Builders Remodelers Council at 800-368-5242.
Click Here To Read More> http://bit.ly/15nXVe

Myths About Hurricane Proofing Your Home
MYTH: Taping windows with masking tape is an effective way to prevent shattered glass and damage to a home during a hurricane.
FACT: Impact-resistant glass and shutters are specifically designed to meet a combination of impact and continuous pressure from the wind. Windows are a critical barrier to protect your home from wind, wind-borne debris and water. If your windows are breached, this can exert pressure on your roof and walls, causing the collapse of the home. Much of the damage that occurred from Hurricane Andrew resulted from failure of windows and doors. These failures frequently lead to interior wall failure and sometimes roof failures. (NOAA)
Click Here To Read More> http://bit.ly/P777D

Hurricane Retrofit Guide
This Guide is intended to help you decide how to protect your home against the winds and rains of hurricanes. And, it is intended to help you decide what protection measures to take first. You will find that many of the retrofits or protective measures are easy to do for a physically fit homeowner. Other things may require the expertise of a handyman or contractor. For some homeowners, the information may at various points be "over their head" because it becomes too technical. That is ok, because the guide is intended to provide the homeowner with ideas as well as providing people familiar with construction or in the construction business with the technical help they may need to protect your home.
Click Here To Read More> http://bit.ly/9o3hW

Thank you for visiting our Hurricane Resources Page for Florida Residents.  We hope you found the information useful & we look forward helping you with your Homeowners Insurance Policy.

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