Welcome to Pricemypolicy.com. We are here to provide you with the easiest way to shop for any type of Homeowners Insurance.  Our company specializes in Renters Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Coastal Insurance, Wind Damage Insurance and Condo Insurance.  We also can provide you quotes for Personal Property Insurance. 

We have created this website to make pricing Homeowners Insurance an easy and efficient experience.  After you have reviewed our website and selected an Insurance Policy that best fits your needs, a specialist will review your information and provide you with an indication of the cost via your email or if you choose by phone. We will make sure that you get the best Insurance Quote Possible. 
Our policy plans offer coverage of Homeowners Insurance throughout the entire states of Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 

Choosing a Homeowners Insurance Policy should be simple and provide you with piece of mind, and thats what we promise you.  Below we have provided a complete description of the types of Homeowners Insurance.

Home Insurance- Home insurance provides compensation for damage or destruction of a home from disasters. In some geographical areas, the standard insurances exclude certain types of disasters, such as floods, wind, storm, and hurricane. These exclusions will require additional coverage. Maintenance-related problems are the homeowners' responsibility. The policy may include inventory, or this can be bought as a separate policy, especially for those who rent.

Condo Insurance- Condominiums and townhouses have special insurance needs. They dont need as much insurance as a house, but owners have more to insure than a renter. The insurance needs for a condominium/townhome owner include personal property and liability coverage. Special policies for condominium owners, known as form HO-6, will provide the liability and personal property protection a condominium/townhome owner needs.

Personal Property Insurance- Items you own that are not permanently attached to your dwelling. These items include, but are not limited to, clothing, furniture, TV's, stereo equipment, and appliances. Basically everything you own. There are, however, certain items that are excluded from personal property.

Renters Insurance- Renters insurance protects your personal property if it gets destroyed or stolen and it protects you from liability if someone else is injured while on your property. Best of all, it is not expensive . You should consider buying renters insurance whether youre renting an apartment, a condominium, or a house.

Wind Damage Insurance- Damage to contents is covered if wind enters through an open door or window.

Hurricane Damage Insurance- This is part of windstorm coverage, usually one of a group of property coverages that covers all kinds of winds such as storms and tornadoes. This is also known as Windstorm Insurance & Storm Insurance.

Storm & Wind Insurance- This is additional coverage to a property policy. Windstorms are not one of the standard covered perils. If an insured desires coverage for windstorms and hail, an endorsement is required.

Flood Damage Insurance- A standard flood insurance policy, which is made available by the National Floor Insurance Program, provides coverage up to the policy limit for damage caused by flood. The dictionary defines "flood" as a rising and overflowing of a body of water onto normally dry land. For insurance purposes, the word "rising" in this definition is the key to distinguishing flood damage from water damage.

Coastal Insurance-Is a term considered for the South Carolina & North Carolina areas that reside along the Beach Line.
Here are some of the top Coastal Areas in South & North Carolina that should look into Hurricane, Wind, & Flood Insurance.  These areas have been hit hardest by Strong Storms.

Coastal Communities in South Carolina affected most by Severe Storms-
Charleston, Georgetown, Horry, Berkeley, Dorchester, Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton, and Colleton.

Coastal Communities in North Carolina affected most by Severe Storms-
Wilmington, Cape Fear, Cape Look Out, Outer Banks, Crystal Coast, Emerald Isle, and Raleigh.

Top Cities in Florida that need Hurricane, Flood, & Windstorm Insurance-
Key West, Miami, Palm Beach, Melbourne, Daytona, Jacksonville, Fort Myers, Tamp Bay, Ft Lauderdale, and Pensacola.

Protect your investment by getting a Homeowners Insurance Quote.  Even if you have a current Homeowners Insurance Policy, we will review it free of charge. We will assess whether you have adequate coverage to protect your home to determine if you need better coverage, all the while guaranteeing you the best possible price for your home insurance needs.
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